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Actionable Insights for University Athletics

Athletic department fan intelligence solutions to identify & engage fans, streamline operations, and grow revenues. Use in-depth fan insights to execute tailored marketing & sales campaigns to accelerate revenue growth in ticketing, donations, and merchandise sales.

Fan 360˚

Integrate, centralize, & cleanse your breadth of data sources for segmentation based on their historical behaviors and current preferences.

Visual Reporting

Visualize key insights & trends found in your data using our eye-popping dashboard, and easily communicate those trends to your staff.

Campaign Driven

Deliver tailored, compelling, and automated fan messaging across multiple touchpoints for personalized engagement and optimal results.

Revenue Acceleration

Grow new and existing fan revenue from greater ticketing and merchandise sales and increased donor gift frequency and amount.

Analytics Drives Revenue Growth

When fans have 70” TV screens and mini fridges next to the recliner at home, athletic departments continue to feel compelled to find new ways to attract fans to their stadium. Increasingly, universities are leveraging analytics to better understand their fans, attract new fans, and keep them coming back for more.

As a partner with leading universities, Fanalytical has identified the common challenges universities face when starting the journey toward winning with analytics.

Implementing data analytics into your athletic department is a marathon, not a sprint. Fanalytical will be an extension of your department as you hurdle the major milestones.

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The Fanalytical Advantage

While there may be a lot of analytical and data warehouse options available to you, Fanalytical has set itself apart with key advantages over the rest of the field

Born On Campus

Our venture originated out of an initiative with UNC-Chapel Hill. Fanalytical’s founding team consists of former student-athletes & college athletic administrators.


Our focus is on applying analytics and predictive modeling to the data you already have available to create revenue lift.

We Fit With You

Our team is equipped to work with you at any stage of your analytics journey, whether you’re just getting started or already have a data analytics team on staff.

Start Today

Our rapid-results model demonstrates short-term wins in your current season to build your case for further investment in data analytics.

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