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Revenue acceleration


Why partner with Fanalytical?

  • You are not sold out and ticket sales are declining across collegiate athletics.

  • You need additional revenue to your support student-athletes in the operating budget and for capital campaigns.

  • We enable a consolidated view of each fan through the removal of duplicitous and superfluous data from your systems.

  • Our solutions will help to maximize the efficiency of your sales, service, & development teams.

  • We've turned the campaign audience identification process into a science.

  • You need a single "pane of glass" to monitor all of your revenue targets.


how we optimize your current processes

  • Reduce the noise by creating a single source of truth across data systems and increase visibility across departments.

  • Know more about each fan by supplementing with third-party data.

  • Create efficient and targeted campaigns by leveraging our campaign builder interface.

  • Make audience segments easily actionable for organizational marketing and team member 1:1 communication.


Impact of our platform

  • Develop repeatable processes for campaign construction and execution.

  • Increase sales & development teams’ efficiency & effectiveness by using prioritized lead lists.

  • Understand each fan’s spending potential and create campaigns to capture that upside.

  • Know your organization is leveraging every significant piece of data to drive revenue with a better outbound engagement process.



Villanova Athletics strives to deliver excellence daily as it builds on a long legacy of success. Partnering with like-minded leaders fosters success and gives us a competitive edge.  Fanalytical has demonstrated invaluable support for our sales and donor development initiatives.  Their analytical acumen and tools have helped us better understand, reach and connect with our current fans while creating the foundation to broaden, grow, and develop a stronger engagement and financial foundation for all our athletic supporters and programs.
— Dan Jankoski | General Manager at Legends
  • During the past 18 months, Fanalytical has supported Legends Collegiate at Villanova University. Fanalytical utilized existing athletic ticketing and donation data to build an integrated database for fan segmentation and marketing.

  • As a result of leveraging data analytics and visualization, Legends was able to more fully engage fans and grow the Villanova Athletic fund by 40% to $1.05 million.

  • The segmentation insights also fueled the target marketing the “Wildcat experience”, unique premium hospitality packages at home Villanova basketball games that yielded $65,000 in incremental revenue.


fan engagement

  • A single profile for each fan reduces overlapping communication, increasing the efficiency of outbound engagement and improves the fan experience.

  • Through our strategic partnerships we identify and add new fan accounts to your database.

  • Leverage our recommendation models that identify the best means of communication for each fan to optimize response rates and grow responsiveness.

  • Identify and stay connected with your most important clients.


visual reporting

  • Visualize key insights & trends found in your data using our dashboard, and easily communicate those trends to your organization.

  • Investigate suspicions about revenue movement at the account & departmental levels and forecast ticket sales volumes and donation revenues.

  • View the performance of each campaign you’re running to see which segments are meeting expectations and retarget messaging to underperforming groups.

  • Custom visualizations possible upon mutually agreeable scope of work.