2018 UNC Sports & Entertainment Summit Series Introduction: “Innovation Made Fundamental”

Fanalytical was born from the culture of innovation on the campus of North Carolina. Originating from an initiative by the athletic department’s need to become data-driven, Fanalytical has sought to assist athletic departments in better engaging its fans and growing revenues in order to protect opportunities for student-athletes. With our origin closely tied to UNC, we wanted to bring you some key takeaways from the 2018 UNC Sports and Entertainment Summit that our team attended.

An aerial view of the University of North Carolina’s Kenan Stadium, site of the UNC Sports & Entertainment Summit in Chapel Hill, NC.

We will be releasing a series of blog posts from the conference that was held at the UNC-Chapel Hill campus on October 12-13. The goal of the conference was to foster relationships between UNC alumni in various roles across the industry and current students looking to enter in to the sports world. The summit’s highlights included a keynote speech by the Commissioner of the Big Ten Conference, Jim Delany, panel discussions on a range of topics, and a networking dinner after the event was over.

The central message from the summit was “Innovation Made Fundamental.” Throughout the sports world, the shift in how fans view content and engage with players and teams has transformed the business landscape. Adopting an innovative mindset is a necessity to identify and execute on emerging opportunities. Each panel addressed a different way the industry is changing – from social media directly connecting the athlete to their fans, the emergence of phones as a medium to consume content, or the increasing competitive fight for the fan’s attention – then described how innovation plays a key role in ensuring they create meaningful experiences.

Since 1989, Delany has served as the Big Ten Conference Commissioner. He has overseen the expansion, growth and the rise of the Big Ten Television Network. He shared a number of meaningful stories about some of the unique situations that he’s faced over the years in his role of Commissioner.

Tomorrow, we will take a look at the first key takeaway from Big Ten Commissioner, Jim Delany’s keynote speech – the importance of doing your homework. These lessons can be applied across the broader world of athletics to help your athletic department better adapt in these changing times.

Explore the rest of our blog to find innovative ways athletic departments can thrive in changing times and visit our site to see how Fanalytical helps universities engage their fans and grow revenue.

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