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My father and I both receive emails from Nordstrom weekly. My emails typically lead with sales on athletic wear or jewelry. When my father receives his email, he’ll get information on new shoes or kitchenware. Retail and hospitality have been using targeted newsletters to lure in customers for years, so why are many athletic departments still using generic newsletters to reach their fans? The same tools that allow for the retail and hospitality industry to curate their content are also available for athletic departments.

When your athletic department sends out its weekly email, will it be leading with a story about the football team? Maybe your school is gearing up for basketball season and that story is headlining the newsletter. But perhaps some of your fans are big women’s soccer fans or love reading about the school’s cross country team.

One effective way to simplify and tailor your messaging to your fan base is to curate newsletters based on your fans’ preferences. By connecting fan It would be nearly impossible to create an individual newsletter to appeal to each person. However, using analytics tools with an email automation system, you can deliver the custom content every time. Your targeted message won’t get lost amidst inbox clutter. and other tools can greatly improve your communication efforts and increase engagement.

Newsletter Preferences

Oftentimes, when you get a message from a store, airline, or hotel, you have the option to manage your communication. Only want messages about sales? Click the box. Do you want to find out about new products? Click the box. Perhaps your fans want to know about upcoming games, or maybe they want to read player highlights. Maybe they only want to know about ticket deals. Give your fans the opportunity to tailor their own communication from your athletic department.


Analytics enables managing and monitoring your fans’ preferences and behaviors. You are able to better tailor your communication by connecting fans’ ticket purchase behavior with their online actions. For example, your ticketing system tracks that John Doe is an individual ticket buyer for football. When he goes online and views the athletics website, he typically clicks links to men’s soccer or golf. By connecting ticketing history and online behavior, you’re able to lead with stories of interest, like soccer, golf and football, and encourage engagement.

Like any relationship, communication is the foundation to truly connecting with someone. There are many facets to communicating with your fans, and a weekly newsletter is one of the most common ways to do so. Make sure that your communication is meaningful, impactful, and engaging.

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