Fan Experience Touchpoints: Mobile Apps

Your fans encounter tens of hundreds of touchpoints that affect their game day experience. From purchasing their ticket to leaving the parking lot, it’s important to get a pulse on what matters most. Our Fan Experience Touchpoints series explores the various ways collegiate and professional teams are shaping the game day experience for their fans. This week, we’re exploring mobile apps and their effect on connectivity and convenience.

Why Mobile Apps Matter

Technological advancements have enhanced sports teams’ ability to understand fans’ preferences and produce more targeted, engaging interactions with the school’s fan base. Mobile apps have the capacity to shape a fan’s experience from the ticket purchase, to the game day experience, to post-game follow-up.

Using the mobile app, customers can receive an electronic ticket sent directly to their smartphone, which results in convenience for the fan and decreased operational costs for the school. For example, on the day of the game, app users can receive various notifications including the game time, weather forecast, traffic pattern updates, and parking information. During the game, users can make concessions and merchandise purchases within the stadium directly from their phone, find their seats easily using interactive maps, order food directly to their seats, locate the nearest restroom with the shortest line, and gain access to special promotions during the game. As a result, you’ll gain higher fan satisfaction and loyalty from the interactive experience from a positive game day experience.

Key Components
  • The “Millennials” demographic (18-34 year olds), have passed Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. One of the key attribute of Millennials is their affinity for their smartphones. (Pew Research)
  • 84% of Millennials search for event information on their smartphones, 67% primarily purchase events on their smartphones. (Sports Business Daily)
  • By 2019, half of all digital ticket transactions will be mobile phone purchases. (Juniper Research)
Available Measures
  • After the game, conduct Game Day Experience Surveys through the mobile app to collect information about your fans’ post-game sentiment. Better understand the mobile app users’ different segments and those segments’ spending behavior and preferences.
  • Compare the Conversion Rate between the traditional desktop website and mobile visitors who follow through with a purchase.
  • Consider metrics such as User Retention Rate, Churn Rate, and Daily Active Users to get a measurement on how engaging the app is for fans.

Best Practices / Leading Examples

  • Alabama Experiences is an app that gives fans access to exclusive, premium experiences.
  • Stanford sees mobile ticket revenue up 17% after redesigning app’s interface and design.
  • Maryland introduces mobile functionality to allow quick, easy ticket purchases via text.

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