Between the Lines: Ticket Sale Surges

According to the 2014 NCAA Revenue/Expenses report, only 24 schools generate more revenue than expenses. Despite the odds, these three university athletic departments managed to finish the 2015-2016 season in the black. While media deals, licensing and contributions are a large part of these universities’ profits, we’d like to give some credit to their impressive ticket sale increases:

Ticket Sales “Geaux” Up at LSU

LSU had three teams turn profits in their 2015-2016 seasons: football, men’s basketball, and baseball. LSU is one of the few institutions that profit off of baseball, and the legendary baseball program managed to pull in the most money from ticket sales than any sport at the school other than football. But it doesn’t always take a winning team to sell tickets. Despite not making it to the NCAA tournament in basketball and having a rather disappointing football season, LSU was able to increase their ticket sales in both areas.

Back to Black

Auburn is spending its second year in a row in the black. Ticket sales across the board went up nearly $2 million, and revenue from ticket sales increased in baseball, men’s and women’s basketball, football and softball. Pop Quiz: Can you guess which sport saw an increase of 83.9 percent in ticket sales in a single year? Coming off the heels of the Women’s College World Series, the Tigers softball team’s total revenue jumped up from $347,943 to $566,142 in a year. They’re now the most ticketed women’s sport and fourth-most overall behind football, men’s basketball, and baseball.

Highlight Year for the Hoosiers

Indiana University posted their highest profits from ticket sales since the NCAA began gathering data in 2004. While the Hoosiers are traditionally known for their basketball, Indiana actually reported a drop in basketball ticket sales for the 2015-2016 season compared to the season before; however, it was more than compensated by a surge of $1.8 million in football ticket sales.

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