Between the Lines: Fan Engagement

Each week, Fanalytical delivers three quick reads of curated research and best practices to help Athletics’ leaders engage their fans, improve fan experience, and boost revenue.

This Week: Fan Engagement

From making stadiums more smartphone-friendly to showing you the shortest bathroom line in the stadium, athletic teams all around the country are coming up with new ways to create a better gameday experience. But just showing up to a game every so often isn’t enough. Teams want to know how to engage with their fans better. How can they make their fans go from a casual fan to a passionate fan?

How Tweet it is…

Like it or not, social media is here to stay. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube, it’s difficult to know what you should be using and how you should be using the various platforms. NFL teams have been frontrunners for engaging with their fans via social media. Social media has provided fans with a heightened level of engagement and involvement, creating a more personal relationship with their favorite teams.

Seeing is Believing

It is difficult to compete with fans’ 80-inch TV screens, comfy recliners and fully-stocked refrigerators. How do you get them to want to come to the stadium to see a game? Some collegiate athletic departments may have found a way by selling more than just tickets, but selling experiences. Whether its running alongside the Auburn Tigers through the smoky tunnel onto the field, sitting behind basketball coach John Groce at the University of Illinois as an “honorary coach,” or letting your 11-year-old daughter be a Rutgers cheerleader for the day, athletic departments across the nation are reigning in on the ultimate fan experiences.

Work Smarter

Cisco reports that up to 70 percent of fans report bringing their mobile devices into the stadium and expect to use it during the game. The exponential rise of smart phones and devices have made it nearly impossible for stadiums to avoid. Today, we are seeing a transition to “smart arenas.” These stadiums are not only equipping themselves with Wi-Fi, but they are capitalizing on mobile technology to increase fan engagement inside of the stadium, such as apps to allow fans to find the shortest bathroom line, order food in their seats, and providing seat upgrade options.

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